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  Your Wedding package includes a free private consultation where your personal Wedding DJ will meticulously go through every aspect of your Wedding entertainment with you until you are completely satisfied! Ask to see how we can organize everything for your  Wedding Reception!  Rest assured you will meet the same DJ that will be performing your wedding as opposed to getting the DJ of the day with other agencies! You can trust that a stranger with speakers will not show up with a folder of information about you on your wedding day! Our Wedding DJ's are committed to getting to know their Brides & Grooms and forming a working relationship with you and your fiance'. We will build a knowledge and understanding of the type of personality you are and will be flexible in adapting to the type of personality you are seeking out of your Wedding DJ. 
  Beware of the discount DJ ! !
       A "DJ" is not a "DJ", there is a skill level involved that some always have more of than others. A less experienced, less skilled DJ will always charge less than others because that's basically the only way they can get hired! We are proud to say that we have just over 75 years of combined DJ/Entertainment experience, and we perform at over 50 weddings on any given year! There are always scores of people in any service industry that will charge less than others and scores that over charge. We do our best to keep pricing right in the middle of those people so we can be fair and competitive with pricing.
Why Should you hire Modern Entertainment for your wedding ?
      This is your  wedding day, a day you've dreamed about and thought about since your  childhood!  When you are sitting at your wedding reception looking fabulous in your Wedding Dress/Tuxedo surrounded by very close family and  friends the last thing you are going to think about or want to worry about is if your DJ is late, unprepared, inexperienced or having equipment problems is what price you paid for them! We here at ModernEntertainment take great pride in what we do and we are true real professionals, not an amateurs or someone who downloads illegal songs off the Internet and then uses someone else's equipment or goes to Guitar Center with a charge card and walks out a "DJ". I said it once and I'll say it again, beware of the discount DJ! This is your wedding day not theirs!!! Don't let them use your wedding as a stage in which to practice and gain experience upon!
Based on the National Average, most people spend about 30% of their budget on music for their special event! If you think about it, music is one of the most important factors of your event, yet is only 30% of your budget.
If you are looking for a reasonable price from a company who will provide you with personal service, attention to detail, and someone who will actually help you (especially when planning a wedding reception), then don't hesitate, give us a call!