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Professionalism beyond expectations... The DJ Knew exactly what to play to keep the dance floor full, polite, professional...and on and on and on... Our DJ was early to set up and accommodated setting up in 2 different locations; All of our guests commented how great the DJ was.  If you are looking to have a great party with great music, THESE ARE YOUR DJ's!!
Carol Lyons
Paul, Thank you SO much for being an amazing DJ at our wedding! You were so helpful throughout the entire process and met all of our requests! The guests all told me how great of a DJ you were...We were all up dancing on the floor the ENTIRE night and it is truly a night we will never forget and it could not have been done without such a great DJ. I can't say enough about how great of an event it was, and how helpful you were with everything. Thank You!!
Lauren & Jeff Potvin.

Modern entertainment was the best part of our wedding.  Our DJ was right on top of everything.  We enjoyed his company and felt like we have been friends for years.  We definitely will be referring them to others. The prices we very affordable especially for all the work and set up they did for us. No one left the the dance floor all night.  We had a blast! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts :)
Mandy G!
We loved Modern Entertainment and would always go to 6B lounge in Boston to dance our pants off on 80's night.  We loved them so much in fact that we HAD to hire them to play at our wedding (August 6th, Castleton)! It was so great! He did slow jams for dinner and a little bit of slow dancing...followed by 80s dance party with a little bit of top 40 at the end of the night to seal the deal.  SO perfect and SO professional. 2 thumbs up! Thanks again guys!
Kate & Alex Stern
Modern entertainment was the best part of our wedding.  Our DJ was right on top of everything. We enjoyed his company and felt like we have been friends for years.  We definitely will be referring them to others. Their prices we very affordable especially for all the work and set up he did for us. No one left the the dance floor all night.  We had a blast! Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts :)
Patrick & Mandy McGuinness
Modern Entertainment was very Professional; So Clean crisp and clear; Satisfied all ages of people in attendance young and not so young; Every single request was played; We couldn't have asked for more. A real class act; Price was fair and the service excellent; Our DJ was so accommodating; His attention to detail when announcing the raffle was awesome; Our DJ was there an hour before scheduled start time; Complements galore from all who attended; Very professional and well spoken; Coworkers who attended our party we're asking who was that awesome DJ. The Modern Entertainment experience was truly a pleasure. We look forward to seeing them at my daughters wedding in August. A DJ can determine how fun a wedding can be, and I feel hiring Modern Entertainment will have a positive influence on a great time.
Stephen Enos
These guys are the best at what they do and I can't express how happy I was with their services. Get ready for baby showers!!!!!; Amazing; Amazing; Amazing; Amazing; Amazing; Amazing; Amazing; The best service I could ever imagine for my special Wedding day!!!! We love u guys and enjoyed very much working with u!!!!! We couldn't have asked for better...look forward to working with Modern Entertainment in the future!!!!!
Tony & Tanya Medina
Our wedding was perfect and Modern Entertainment made it so much fun for everyone there! Our guests told us more than once they had not been to such a fun wedding in years. Modern Entertainment couldn't have been a more perfect fit for our wedding. With so many different age groups we were amazed how they were able to keep the dance floor full all night long. Thank you so much for making our wedding so much fun!
Mark & Ann Saunders
Hello there! I just have to say that Keith and I could not be happier. There was a ton of dancing going on and it was a great time had by everybody that was at our wedding! We were very pleased with Modern Entertainment for all of the incredible services they provided. Our DJ was great through the entire process. He went above and beyond our expectations. We would recommend these guys in a heartbeat. Just also wanted to give a special thanks to our DJ for the last minute duct tape fix for the "wardrobe malfunction!" Now thats thinking on your feet!
Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Leah Sullivan
PERFECT!! I'm a teacher and don't use that word often , but we by the talent we saw and experienced with Modern Entertainment! Our DJ took the time to listen to all of our concerns and helped us all the way. On the day of the wedding he was there early and was beyond expectations! I enjoyed the music as well as my guests! The service wasn't good, it was absolutely fantastic! Our DJ's were very professional and did their job very well. They made sure me and my husband were enjoying our time. I only left the dance floor once and that was to fix my dress. I could go on forever so I'll end by saying  THANK YOU IT WAS A NIGHT WE WILL NEVER FORGET!
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Tayla Timpe
Our Wedding Turned out PERFECTLY!! DJ Paul was very professional and without him the night would not have been a success. We are glad we found him at such a reasonable price and such EXCELLENT service. We will definitely recommend him and use his services again!
David & Tammy Dodge
We were very impressed with Paul from the very first meeting! He is very professional, and has a great personality! He was fun to work with and always had great suggestions. We would recommend him in a heartbeat! There were a lot of songs we weren't sure of like the cake cutting song, garter tossing song etc. and again, Paul had great ideas that fit perfectly! The day of the wedding he and his team were there before any of our guests which was even earlier than we expected! Throughout the night he kept things moving so that we could have the rest of the night to dance and enjoy the party! The music was perfect, we weren't able to get all of our selections to him until the night before our wedding and he still pulled off getting all of our music on!
Paul was the perfect DJ for us, he was so accommodating & really took the time to make sure he played what WE wanted and what would go well with our likes & dislikes. Paul was very easy to work with, you could tell he enjoys what he does, and wanted us to be happy with everything. We had a GREAT reception and everyone had a good time. Paul certainly knows how to keep people entertained!
Mr Ryan & Kathleen Gora

Hey Paul, Now that the dust has settled and my daughter has graduated and we are all still in one piece, I wanted to tell you how wonderful your brother and his friend were (both you and your brother have wonderful spirits, your mother must be proud). The music was Awesome and both of them were awesome as well! Thanks for making her night one to remember. You guys are the best!
Pastor Michelle
Thanks to Modern Entertainment, my wedding was fabulous! The music was great, everything went very smoothly! They absolutely made my wedding a huge success. The music played was perfect thanks to their help and extensive music library. Everyone danced and had such an awesome time. I have already used them for another event since my wedding and would definitely recommend them to everyone I know!
Billy & Bryanna
The event went so smoothly! Everybody loved the range of music and we were all impressed by their ability to blend so many different types of music seamlessly! Our Dj was very helpful and made us feel at ease. They were right on time and quick to get things moving along. They were extremely polite to all us and all of our guests. They delivered a perfect mix of all the types of music we selected and again did an excellent job of integrating a few types of music and themes. They somehow manages to please a tough Jewish/Persian/American crowd. Their prices were absolutely fair, they took care of everything and we would definitely recommend using their services!
Mr. & Mrs. Farshid Pourmousa

Paul was the BOMB!
Paul & his crew were VERY professional and did a fantastic job. I never had to worry about any of the entertainment details, everything that was discussed was flawlessly delivered at our wedding! We had a fantastic time! We love you Paul!
Mr & Mrs. David & Brenda Suprenant

Paul and his bother were EXTREMELY professional well as being very courteous! He not only helped us get through the night, but made the whole event that more special. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of Professional Disc Jockey Services!
Joeseph & Sara Onoroski

We just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did for us. The night went perfectly, thanks in no small part to you.
Also, thank you so much for the projector and bringing the lights - they absolutely MADE the room come together so nicely. We received so many compliments, and Ma & Dad were in heaven for their special evening… I just can’t tell you how much the whole family truly appreciated what you did for us (Believe me, we will be spreading your name around whenever we can!)
Dianne Tavaglini
Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to say thank you for a perfectly executed wedding performance! Everything was just as we asked and that’s because you worked with us from day one, fielding all of our phone calls and answering our questions and speaking to our concerns. All of our guests had a wonderful time, and spoke very highly of you. In a word, you absolutely made our wedding come together. Thanks again and if you need a reference I would like to be at the top of your list!
Lenny & Deborah Prepas

Hey guys,
Thanks a million for doing such an amazing Job at Eddy Patty's Wedding! Everyone was asking where and how I found you guys! You truly made this the best wedding ever for my Daughter & her fiancé! I will be sure to pass your name along to others who may be in need of a DJ for their wedding. Everything was absolutely flawless down to the bouquet toss! Again an absolutely amazing job I can’t begin to thank you enough!
Janet Fournier

Dear Paul,
 I apologize that it has taken me a week to write to you. It has been quite hectic getting through the wedding and now that it is FINALLY over I have been playing catch up with everything else. I didn't want you to think that you and Charlie were forgotten. I want you to know that you both did such a wonderful job. I have to be honest in saying that your work was absolutely the best part about our wedding. It was amazing how much could go wrong when you’re planning such a special day, but you guys really came through for us. From the moment I arrived you were nothing but attentive. Whether you know it or not, you helped to put me at ease. I am certainly recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you for making our day even more special.
Tammy Lee Noonan

I would like to keep this simple and sweet Just as we asked you to do for our Wedding! We absolutely loved you guys! Paul you and your team were the reason we all had fun and Loved your idea of the Foxwoods theme for the centerpieces, very original. Hate to admit this but you were right about the dollar dance! It almost paid for our flight (1 way). Our wedding was awesome, thanks!!
Robin & Julio

Hey Mr. DJ!!
I wanted to say thanks for putting together an amazing itinerary of music and events. Thank you for making us feel comfortable about having things our way! I must admit with some DJs we talked to over the phone made us feel like a number, and you were nice enough to come and meet us at our convenience. Everything was A+! You get two thumbs up. Our niece is getting married in 2010 and we are going to highly recommend her to you! Would you be willing to travel to Foxborough? Thanks again for everything!
Nathan & Stephanie Davis

First I want to thank you for sending us such a wonderful DJ that constantly kept putting all of us at ease at a most hectic & frustrating time! Our guests felt as though he could read their minds when it came to music. BRAVO!! Nice touch when the crying started!! He was able to get everyone refocused and laughing!! Thanks so much. If it weren’t for him things could have gotten ugly for us. We love you guys and would recommend you to anyone!
Joanne Bertolino

OUR DJ, was an amazing DJ! He did everything we asked of him and much more! He was very respectful, and made our wedding perfect! We have given his name to everyone we know looking for a DJ. He has a wonderful personality and we loved everything he did and our guests enjoyed everything!
Donna & Kevin LaPointe

Paul I’ll keep it short & sweet!
You guys did an ABSOLUTE AWESOME job!! Your team was there an hour early that made us feel great, and the way they interacted with the crowd and did the karaoke was incredible! If you ever need a reference don’t hesitate!!
Abbie Wonderly

Hey there you guys!
You and your team brought interaction to the dance floor! You participated with the parties on a level that made them comfortable to even get onto the dance floor! Showing dance moves to throwing out party hats. After the party was over my daughter told us that "The music was great and the DJ’s were really cool!" HUGE HUGE SUCCESS THANK YOU!
Kelly Mahoney

Every year we are so glad you are in charge of the entertainment! Every Christmas party we have such an awesome time with you guys! Some of friends were talking and would like to hire you for some of their private parties that are coming up, and that’s because you always seem to get the music just right no matter what party we have seen you at! I will continue to refer you to anyone looking for entertainment! Thanks for always making our Christmas parties great!
Mary Morse

Just wanted to say that the event could not have been close to what it was without you. I found someone who wants to be a part of the Higgenbottom-Jones program! You are willing to work with us/me. I'm willing to work with you. Our Pastor really and truly enjoyed you performance. See you and talk to you soon!
Diane Blackwel

Good day Paul,
and many blessings to you and yours! We couldn’t of done it without you guys! I was so happy that your team was there before we even got there and were set up basically waiting for our arrival, and they were very polite to and catered completely to all of our needs. I like that you were careful to check with us for any changes that we had, that shows me you are adaptable to change. The music was great and we would recommend your team without hesitation to anyone. You guys are the first company that I know of that will come out to your house and sit with you for as long as it takes to make sure you are pleased with the music and that your wishes are carried out. I was VERY impressed. Thank you both for contributing to the wedding, you truly shaped it and made it what it was – beautiful! You all are like our brothers from another mother! We absolutely loved your spirit, can’t say enough!
Pastor Michelle Higgenbottom

Paul and his team was very professional and totally exceeded our expectations. They paid attention to every detail of our ceremony and did an overall amazing job for us. We were extremely happy with our DJ and have in fact booked them for our company Christmas Party in January. We had people at the wedding that would normally not attend our Christmas Party in January, but said that they would if we would be hiring Modern Entertainment! Without them our wedding would have not gone as smoothly as it did, they were an hour early, incredibly polite, our guests loved them, they gave an excellent performance, and played all of our guests requests and seemed to read out minds on what we wanted for music on the dance floor!
Janet Fournier

Paul was always extremely professional and very enthusiastic. He and his team were always going all the way to meet our expectations to our exact needs. We are extremely satisfied with their services and would strongly recommend them to others we know are getting married. At the wedding, they did an amazing job and was great in keeping people on the dance floor throughout the evening! Even my mom was dancing..... Everybody had such a great time! I think a lot of things go into a successful wedding, but we could not ask for anything more from a DJ service.
David Jung & Monica Gostissa